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After spending about 2 years making trades with many brokers, I have been frequently asked for advices on who is the best forex broker. People always want to be assured that they are on the right track with the best forex brokers. From my own perspective, it is indeed very hard to determine which broker is the best, therefore the least thing I could do is to compare these brokers based on several criteria and help you decide the best one for yourself. I believe that you should find a broker that matches your trading methods and needs.

Personally, I rank a broker based on what they are willing to offer and how well they treat their traders. Good trading conditions, useful tools and enthusiastic caring are the typical traits of reliable brokers, not to mention their reputation and security system. In this article, I will list out some popular forex brokers in the Asian market such as Exness, FxPro, Hot Forex, XM, and FBS…to analyze and rank them.


Commission usually remains unaltered since brokers are not allowed to charge the commission fee. As a result, most brokers’ income is mainly based on the spread rate. To explain, spread is the difference between the ask price and the buy price. Obviously, traders will search for brokers with low spread rate such as Exness, FBS, or Hot Forex, with the spread is merely around 1.1 pip for the popular EUR/USD currency pair.


According to what I mentioned before, the commission is not charged by most brokers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that only the regular accounts are not charged for commission fee. For ECN account, which is the account type that is preferred by most professional traders, the spread is equal to none. Therefore brokers would have to charge the commission fee during trading. Exness has a competitive advantage in this field, providing a charge of only 2.5 USD for each lot traded.


Beginner traders certainly want to avoid depositing too much money when they start.

Meanwhile this is not much of a problem for experienced traders. As a result, big brokers such as FXCM or tend to require quite a large sum of money for the minimum deposit, with $2000 and $500 respectively. On the contrary, brokers that aim for small traders require very little minimum deposit. Examples can be listed out as Exness minimum deposit and FBS minimum deposit (only $1) or Hot Forex ($5).


In terms of leverage, in fact Asian traders benefit a lot more than Western ones. To explain, most brokers in the United States, United Kingdom or Japan have to obey the strict regulations of the law. Therefore, it is impossible for them to offer low leverage. Meanwhile, the regulations are not applied in Asia, therefore traders are provided with very high leverage. For instance:

  • Exness: For accounts with less than $1000 and having traded more than 5 lots, the leverage is unlimited. For accounts with over $1000, it is up to 1:2000.

.     Hot Forex: up to 1:1000.

  • FBS: up to 1:1000.
  • XM: up to 1:888.

The withdrawal time is one of the important details of brokers that traders have to pay attention to. Even though the time for trading with domestic brokers is relatively short, these brokers are not as trustworthy as international brokers. However, despite the fact that foreign brokers are more reliable and secure, the time for withdrawal or transferring money can take up to hours. It is your choice to search for the fastest trader that matches your trading strategy. Personally, I would highly recommend Exness since the machine is responsible for this category, so it only takes millisecond to finish these tasks. To be honest, Exness almost has no competitors when it comes to this feature.


Based on my experience, I noted that a broker’s reputation is mainly based on three things solely: the license, the audit, and search traffic.

  • License:

A broker with a license from famous agencies such as ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), FSA (Japan), CFTC (United States), NFA (also United States), and FCA (United Kingdom) is always reliable. Nevertheless, a license will also impose strict regulations that prevent brokers from offering the best trading deals (low spread, high leverage, low commission) since brokers have to pay fees to these agencies termly.


In my opinion, it is important to take into account the trading volume of a broker. Why? You might ask. The answer is because the large trading volume illustrates how reliable a broker is. Given that there are approximately millions or thousands of traders that love trading with a certain broker, then it is obvious that the respective broker must be qualified and safe at some level. These are the monthly trading volume of some big forex brokers.

Exness: $323 billion a month.

Hot Forex: $280 billion a month. $185 billion a month.

FXCM: $108 billion a month.


The forex market is a complex place full of traps, so it is extremely vital that a broker provide good customer service system. Novice traders constantly need instructions and guidance from the expertise. I believe a good broker must be available 24/7 to help their customers and provide a wide variety of language services. Even though English is the global language, this does not mean that all traders are fluent in English, especially Asians. Therefore a good broker should be prepared for all possible circumstances and provide language service in different languages. Famous brokers such as Exness, FBS, FxPro, and XM (the best forex brokers in Thailand) all provide excellent customer service (24/7 service, multiple languages) for their customers.

Indeed, it is a struggling task to choose a long-term broker that is suitable for your trading conditions and methods. Hopefully, this article can help you have an insight and know the basic details you need to pay attention to when it comes to a new broker. To be honest, most big brokers tend to be quite similar, yet each has its own pros and cons that distinguish one from another. The final task is yours, to choose the broker that suits you the most.